The Complete Python Bootcamp for Python Programming

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About Course

The Python Bootcamp offered here is a comprehensive programme that covers all the important topics related to Python programming. It is designed to provide participants with a solid foundation in Python and equip them with the necessary skills to excel in their coding journey. The bootcamp starts with an in-depth exploration of object-oriented programming, a fundamental concept in Python. Participants will learn how to create classes, objects, and methods and understand the principles of inheritance and polymorphism. The bootcamp also delves into advanced topics such as decorators, which allow for the modification of functions or classes without changing their source code.
In addition to these core concepts, the bootcamp also covers practical applications of Python in various domains. Participants will learn how to work with Excel spreadsheets, manipulate data, and automate tasks using Python. They will also gain insights into working with databases, enabling them to connect Python with popular database systems and perform operations such as querying and data manipulation.

Another important aspect covered in the bootcamp is web scraping, which involves extracting data from websites. Participants will learn how to use Python libraries such as BeautifulSoup and Scrapy to scrape data from websites and store it for further analysis. This knowledge will be invaluable for anyone working with large amounts of data from the web.
Data science is another crucial field where Python shines. The bootcamp provides a comprehensive overview of data manipulation and analysis using Pandas, a powerful library for data manipulation and analysis. Participants will learn how to load, clean, transform, and analyse data using Pandas and gain insights into various data wrangling techniques.

Data visualisation is equally important in data analysis, and the bootcamp covers this aspect as well. Participants will learn how to use Plotly, a popular data visualisation library, to create interactive and visually appealing charts, graphs, and dashboards. They will gain hands-on experience in creating visualisations that effectively communicate insights from data.

The bootcamp also explores the domain of network automation, where Python plays a crucial role. Participants will learn how to use Python libraries such as Paramiko and Netmiko to automate network tasks such as configuring routers and switches, managing network devices, and retrieving network information.
Lastly, the bootcamp covers multiprocessing and threading, two important concepts in Python that enable efficient utilisation of system resources. Participants will learn how to leverage these concepts to improve the performance of their Python programmes and make them more scalable.

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What Will You Learn?

  • You will MASTER all the Python 3 key concepts starting from Scratch. No prior Python knowledge is required.
  • Build a comprehensive understanding of Python 3 from the ground up. Write professional, Pythonic code using the best practices.
  • Master all the Python data structures: strings, lists, tuples, sets, dictionaries.
  • Master Network Automation using SSH, Paramiko, Netmiko, Telnet or Serial Connections.
  • Learn how to send Emails with Python (SMTPLIB).
  • Acquire a good Understanding of Async IO and how to build Asynchronous Applications in Python.
  • Learn to work with SQL Databases in Python.
  • Learn to Analyse Data with Pandas.
  • Acquire the prerequisite Python Skills to move into specific branches: AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Network Automation, Web.
  • You will learn how to create web apps (front-ends) with Streamlit.
  • Learn to work with Python control flow structures: if, for, while, break, continue, pass, exceptions, try-except-else-finally blocks etc.
  • Learn to work efficiently with Text and CSV files (including using Pandas).
  • Learn to work with Pip and Python Modules: Sys, Os, Subprocess, Shutil, Random, Decimal.
  • Acquire an in-depth understanding of how to use multithreading and multiprocessing in Python.
  • Learn to use HTTP Requests Library and BeautifulSoup and create an automated web scraping application.
  • Learn to efficiently work with Excel Files and automate spreadsheet-related tasks.
  • Learn to Create Interactive Charts with Plotly.
  • Acquire an In-Depth Understanding of Decorators, Inner Functions and Closures.

Course Content

Course Introduction

Setup the Programming Environment

Python Basics

Hands-On Challenges Python Basics

Strings in Python

Hands-On Challenges Python Strings

Program Flow Control in Python

Python Loops

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